Friday, 25 October 2013

The night I looked at you...

Today the romance made me giddier than before. 
Lake Chandrataal

The twinkle from stars suspended in a Himalayan sky not too high above our heads replaced neon on date nights from fairy lights that hang on electric wires. The stars lit my eyes a little more, made his skin glow slightly more.
Lake Chandrataal

Today we sat across the sheen of a silica stone, no pearl white table cloth in our booth for the night. Soft leather, red couches gave way to the warm sand beneath us tonight. He brought me no red roses, showed up instead with a bunch of forest-fire red wild lilies – wildflowers that inspire to be without aspiring to become.
Today two wine glasses were missing between us, yet I couldn’t have been more high. Was it on account of being picked up from the mundane and placed right at the centre of the scene I had drawn on my easel for years? And finding out that the scene was more magnificent than what it had appeared from outside the easel?

Lake Chandrataal

Surreal blues, foggy greys, misty greens – now all bathed in the navy blue of the dark and broken only by the glimmering Chandra Taal – the glacier lake whose glory knew no bounds when torched by this full moon above us.
Today the “moon lake” made up the ambience in which manmade fountains, low hanging light fixtures or pottery barn usually take centre-stage. Cavernous lounge walls gave way to majestic mountains entrapping him, me and the lake.
Inside the ripple-free black lake we found blue dreams, white dreams, silver dreams and dreams of pure gold. Today there was no DJ playing trance on a loop but the white snow, blue sky, silver moonlight and golden mountain dust reflected in the Taal made him and I trippy.
Today I ordered no Lobster Mignon for dinner. We shared the Trout which he had fished out of the Taal when this lake was reflecting the golden scorching sun, misty green Spiti vegetation, and the cotton white and gold snow.
Embers from the stone Angithi over which his moonlit form meticulously barbequed our dinner, were like glow worms in the dark valley. In the act of mesmerising, they came second only to the angles of his figure bent over the barbeque grill. He was still wearing the 10-year-old muddy trekking boots which I so loved.
Lake Chandrataal

Today I began my day with a dip in the pristine mirror that was the moon lake and pretended to be a mermaid when the cold gripping my body tried to bully me out to its warm sun-lit shore. The shore lured me into a sunbath on the hypnotising green grass instead. Pretending was not hard, with his gaze transfixed on me.
Today I ended my night with his warm cushy chest fixed in the spot under my head where usually a pillow rests. The nook of his body protected me from this harsh, freezing, chilly night breeze. It was an added bonus to his heartbeat which fastens without fail whenever I place my head on it.
With a hundred thousand more stars than are my usual scenery on retiring every night, I slipped into dreamland with ease.
Today I was a mermaid, he was Zeus.
Camp Stay at Lake Chandrataal

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